• Calculating the highest MD5 hash

    I was wondering the other day after seeing a MD5 hash that started with FFFF what the highest known MD5 hash is. Two things sprang to mind: Calculate them. Get them from a precalculated source. However, in order to prove the hash I need to know the plaintext input (regardless of #1 or #2 above) Here’s my results so far of calculating them (brute force) using a quick PHP script: Found ef05e123df3ed94aad2e7427e70c11b4 for 3b2798d6fa2f48007a0923d2c67adce2 after...
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  • 2011 Yamaha Beewee YW100 and accessories

    Summary: 2011 Yamaha Beewee YW100 (not YW125 which seems more common) 29,000kms Lockable cargo box Revit bike jacket with removable summer/winter internal, armour pads on elbows and shoulders Teknic wateproof leggins with removable armour pads for the knees Pair of Darbi leather riding gloves FFM helmet and “CatCrap” fogging preventer High vis vest Unopened bottle of Yamalube (RRP as per price sticker NZ$19.95)
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  • Finding which file defines a PHP class

    Sometimes I have trouble with web applications where I need to find where a class is defined. Depending on the code base you’re working on it can be easy (in the case of PSR0 based projects) to determine this, but in other cases definition of the classes can be done anywhere. For example: include 'path/to/some/classes.php'; include 'some/more/classes.php'; $object = new SlushyMachine(); In this case maybe the class you’re looking for is defined in one of...
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  • Free Graphic Resources

    Here’s a list of graphic resources, as discovered over here on Imgur.com. I have not checked the validity or legality of the resources on these links. Use at your own risk. Free Graphics & PSD files http://graphicburger.com http://www.icondeposit.com http://www.blugraphic.com http://duckfiles.com http://www.pixeden.com http://365psd.com http://www.uipixels.com http://www.bestpsdfreebies.com http://www.premiumpixels.com http://designdeck.co.uk http://webdesign-freebies.tumblr.com http://fribly.com http://freebbble.com http://www.sketchappsources.com Free Stock Photos https://stocksnap.io https://unsplash.com http://www.gratisography.com http://www.splitshire.com http://www.lifeofpix.com https://picjumbo.com http://nos.twnsnd.co http://getrefe.com http://lockandstockphotos.com http://www.pexels.com http://littlevisuals.co http://streetwill.co http://shop.madeinmoments.com/freebies http://moveast.me http://jaymantri.com http://foodiesfeed.com http://www.resplashed.com http://nos.twnsnd.co http://kaboompics.com Free Fonts http://www.1001freefonts.com/faq.php...
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  • Screenshot a node in Firefox

    I discoverd today that Firefox has a “Screenshot Node” feature in the inspector. To use it: Open the inspector. Right click on a node of interest. Click “Screenshot Node”. A screenshot of the node will be saved in your downloads folder. Additionally this can be used to screenshot a node that is larger than the screen, including the <html> tag itself.
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  • Debugging SMTP connections and delivery on a live exim server

    I took inspiration from this post on StackOverflow while debugging connectivity issues on a mail server I manage. You can start up another instance of exim listening on a non-standard port, then connect to that instance and observe the console ouput to determine what the problem is. root@server:~# exim -bd -d -oX 26 You can then configure your mail program to deliver via tcp/26 and see what happens. However, to make it easier I introduced...
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  • Using CSS source maps with SASS (Foundation and Compass)

    I made a very fast video about what CSS source maps are and how they can make your life easier when it comes to web development. Although the video talks specifically about Foundation and Compass, the underlying point is that SASS when compiled can be told to output CSS source maps which modern browsers can then read and assist you with by loading it into the developer tools. Watch it here:
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  • Asteroids game in Python

    I wrote this some time ago to get familiar with Python and the PyGame library that is available for it. I wanted to make something that was inspiring and fun and so far it’s ticking both of those boxes for me. I had a bit of a hack around on it tonight at the CodeCraft Hackathon Event and thanks to Matt Cook for helping me to refactor things. This blog post is an update with...
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  • Working with images and SSH

    I often work via SSH - in fact, I do this a LOT. When you do this you have no GUI apps - this works fine for a lot of things but sucks for viewing images and at times you’re gonna ask yourself “Hmm, this file called mainimage.png - what does it look like?” ~$ gimp: command not found ~$ eog: command not found ~$ nautilus: command not found This is not helping! You can...
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  • Fun with Steam streaming

    The Steam In-Home Streaming is a nifty thing. It lets you “stream” the audio and video from a game from one computer in your house to another. For me this means I can stream a Windows-only game from my Windows PC to my Linux laptop and play away. This works surprisingly well. The only down side of this is that the Windows PC cannot run the game in the background and allow someone else to...
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  • Building an application with python and urwid

    Sean Zicari gave a good presentation discussing the terminal, ncurses and python and how to write a program to get random quotes and display them in your terminal. Of particular interest to me was building a UI in ncurses. ncurses is a very low level interface that allows you to do cursor positioning, text colour changes etc. but I was interested in programming at a slightly higher level than that. Sean demonstrates how the urwid...
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  • Setting up a mailcatcher LXC container for development purposes

    Setting up a mailcatcher LXC container for development purposes by Bob Brown bob@turboweb.co.nz, 14th Jan 2015. [TOC] The goal is to create and configure a LXC container that other containers (and the host machine itself) can deliver email to. Ubuntu 14.04 is the host OS. All email will be accepted and be available via a single IMAP account for browsing. We will use the following: exim for accepting mail dovecot to serve that mail to...
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  • Wubi - the Windows Ubuntu Installer

    So you’ve heard about Ubuntu and you’ve been interested but when you found out that it (can) completely replace your current operating system you thought better of it. After all, the last thing you want to happen when you try a piece of new software is for you to lose everything. Enter Wubi. Wubi is a small installer program (about 1MB) that will install Ubuntu on your Windows computer (Mac and Linux versions are coming)...
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